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ERP Software for Schools & Colleges to handle Enquiry, Admission, Fee Management, Library, Attendance, Time Table, Certificates, ID Card, Reminder Letters, Demand Register

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School, College, Institute Management Software

We Software Bazaar always focus on delivering specialized software for different kinds of businesses which not only cover accounts rather helps in managing your business in your way. Save your valuable time, Increase  your profit, achieve your targets,learn about more business secrets by implementation of accurate business solutions designed esp. for your business. ‘I-Genius’ is a complete Admission, fees and transport management module for schools, colleges, and institutions integrated with Financial Accounting. Very easy to operate and implement. I-Genius can be operated by a layman. Just configure your fees heads, frequency, routes, classes, concessions and your software is ready to go. I-Genius software handles fees Management system so Intelligently and easily. As a result there are no long queues for fees payment leaving behind a great impression in the parents mind.

Modules Covered : –  • Student Admission   • Fees Management   • Enquiry Management   • Route Wise Transportation Charges  • Attendance Management   • Send SMS for Home Work, Holiday, Birthday, Parents Birthday, Anniversary, Fees Receipts, Fees Reminders, Announcements etc.  • Timetable   • ID Card Printing   • Reminder Letters Printing   • Certificates Records   • Integrated Financial Accounting up to Balance Sheet   • Inventory Management with Purchase / Sale (Set Wise)  • Easy Banking  • Library Management

Salient Features of I-Genius
• You decide your fees plan. Configure it and your software is ready to use.   • Fees are to be adjusted under different heads, fees are collected half yearly, Quarterly, monthly, yearly etc. In I-Genius, you just have to decide your fees heads and their frequency (Monthly, Quarterly etc.)  • Even a layman can operate the software  • Window Based Multi School Management software   • Very Fast to operate. just enter Regn. no. of student, choose fees months, it automatically calculates the fees receivable for that particular months and prints the slip in real time.  • Maintains Fees Summaries, Registers, Dues, Fees Cards, Balances, Receipts, Fees Heads, Concessions, Payment Methods   • Home Screen shows your school’s position on your desktop, Class Wise Fees Comparison, Fees Head Wise Comparison, monthly comparisions    • Graphical charts for comparison and statistical analysis   • Drill Down From Any Report to Entry Level    • Export Any Report into any Format e.g. PDF, HTML, Excel, Word,   • Email Any Report In Any Format    • Password protected    • Powerful Reporting   • Fully Menu Driven + Shortcut keys    • Fully Automatic

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