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Shuttering / Scaffolding stores E.R.P. Software to make accurate rental bills, manage Stock with Breakage, Shortage. Control Leakage, Financial Accounting upto Balance Sheet.

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Scaffolding / Shuttering store / Tent House Business Software

Scaffolding Shuttering Rental business Software Emerald 6.0

Emerald 6.0 GST Enabled Software to manage (Scaffolding / Shuttering store) Rental Business to make accurate rental bills, manage Stock, Control Leakage, integrated with Financial Accounting, pendancy report, party wise outstanding

Emerald software is not only an accounting software it works as a business consultant. Helpful for you to achieve your targets, generate growth in your business and build your corporate brand value.

Business In Scaffolding / Shuttering trade is not like other trades, in which we feed purchase and sale entries to maintain our stock and accounts.
In Shuttering Stores, The businessman provides items to its customers on rental basis. Items are issued and received at different time intervals.
At the end of month a bill is to be dispatched to every customer. In manual working Bill generation is a very much time consuming and tedious process.

  Silent Features :

   Agreement Management :

There is no need to record or maintain a diary for party wise rate agreement. In Emerald ERP software,                     Agreement is a great tool to do it very well

         Inventory Management :

Using Emerald ERP Software, don’t worry about management of Your Stock, Party Stock, Hire Stock, Excess,             Breakage, Item Wise; Size Wise Reporting.

       Accurate Rental Bills :

Now Calculate Your Rental Bills in nano seconds. Convert your loss into profit with breakage calculation,                  missing components & other charges

      Increase Your Profitability :

Emerald ERP Software works for you as a business consultant. Guides you at every step to increase your                  profit.

        Financial Accounting :

Today, You need not learn accounts or computers to manage your business. Emerald ERP produces very                  valuable and intelligent reports that are not possible in manual working

        Security :

Secracy and security of every business is main angle of every business. In Emerald ERP your business is                    totally under your control with user rights.

Using Emerald ERP Software you can enjoy your work hence fully control over your leakage,

generating accurate rental bills and producing great revenue

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